Edge Leadership

Startups and small businesses share many common problems. As unique as your business is, we all face many of the same issues.

One of the most common is technology growing pains, the point where your business is too big to carry on just buying from a wholesaler and hoping for the best, but too small to need a full time IT Director.

This is where Edge Leadership fits - by providing leadership support either on a regular basis, a set number of days per week or month, or ad-hoc as required.

Your IT Director

Where some providers make a virtue of partnering with major vendors, East Ridge think it is a virtue not to. There is a role for vendor partners, but it is not helping you define your strategy.

Edge Leadership functions as your IT Director, a member of your management team. Rather than outsourcing to someone who wants to sell you more and more services, it is a single appointment just like any other manager in your business. Working for as many - or as few - days as appropriate to define an IT strategy that works for you.

Delivering your goals

East Ridge will help you find the right service delivery companies, or create in-house capabilities, to enable your business goals through IT.

Bringing decades of experience, your Edge Leader will challenge companies and individuals to deliver the services you need at a cost you can afford. They will define what those services look like, based on your business needs, and establish how to deliver them. Starting with a vision of what the IT estate and services should look like, they will do what your business needs - whether that is a small tweak or a total overhaul.

Creating sustainability

There is no benefit to your business in an Edge Leader landing, moving things around to show they have done something and then leaving.

Your Edge Leader will always work to create a sustainable service that can survive after the end of the engagement. That can mean supporting the recruitment of permanent leadership, mentoring and developing your own potential leaders and finding sustainable relationships with partner providers. It means ensuring that the users of IT understand the benefits to them and the board recognise the benefits in productivity, cost and earnings.