Legal Information

There is some information that every company should make available on its website. A lot don’t.

As well as providing our information, consider this page a bit of free advice.

Who we are

East Ridge Technology Ltd is a business registered in England and Wales with company number 11864129.

Its registered office is Telecom House, 125-135 Preston Road, Brighton, BN1 6AF. This is the address of our accountants, so don’t turn up there and ask for us. It will be disappointing for everyone.

East Ridge Technology Ltd is registered for VAT, number GB 318 0240 40. Of course that means that we will charge VAT on any services we provide. Sorry about that. Any prices given on this site are exclusive of VAT.

How to contact us

East Ridge Technology can be reached by any of the following means:

You can email us at

You can tweet or DM @EastRidgeTech as well, if you like. Be nice, even though it’s Twitter.


Although we really love working with our customers, at some point we will have to invoice for it. When we do that, it will be at the rate agreed in the proposal, and our payment terms are 30 days. Remember, that’s a limit, not a target - if you want to pay quicker we won’t stop you.

Data Protection

East Ridge Technology use data in the execution of our business. That includes email, files storage other services provided by Microsoft Office 365, AgileCRM for customer management and eCrunch (the proprietary platform of E-Crunch Ltd, our accountants) for billing and credit control. We do not sell data to anyone. We do not buy data. We take your confidentiality and our obligations under GDPR and other regulations very seriously. If you have any questions or comments let us know.

Our proposals will be sent for digital signature using Adobe Sign. Digital Signatures have the same legal standing as paper ones. East Ridge Technology Ltd will not use the data gathered for any other purpose than documenting contractual approval. Adobe’s policies regarding data management are among the best in the business and can be found at